Home Renovations that Add Value to Your Home

Home Renovations that Add Value to Your Home

Home renovations shows on television are really misleading when it comes to how house flipping and home renovations really work.  They take a dumpy house and turn it into a magazine showpiece all in under half an hour. The real world doesn’t work like that at all and many of the renovations they do on TV look great but don’t always add value to your home.  Now, if you’re considering selling or just want home renovations that add value  for the future then let’s look at what they are.

Increased Living Space

Increasing the amount of usable living space in your home always brings a great return.  There are several different ways you can add more space to your home, the most common way to do that is to finish your basement.  You can also consider putting on an addition.  You also need to consider how to use the extra space, do you want to add an in-law suite or small apartment that you can rent for extra income.  Do you want to turn your basement into a high tech man cave?  Whatever you decide to do always check with the city first and double check the zoning before you pull the trigger.

Kitchen and Bathroom

Any realtor will tell you that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses.  At the same time you need to be careful with your budget, expenses can get out of control pretty quickly.  Renovations here can be as extreme as gutting the room down to the studs and starting fresh or brightening up the room with a quick coat of paint. You really don’t have to go to extremes but things like adding an island in the kitchen or putting a vanity add great value and won’t break the bank.

New Floors

If you have old ugly carpets then get rid of them.  Even the cheapest of laminate floors is a better option than keeping the carpet.  But if you have the budget then some rich hardwood adds a flair of sophistication and wear well.  You have dozens of options when it comes to new floors but you are going to want something easy to maintain yet durable at the same time.  It also goes without saying that you want something that looks good.

Fittings and Fixtures

Updating the fittings and fixtures are a quick and cheap way to modernize your home.  Simple upgrades that you can do yourself like replacing the hardware on your cabinets, switch plates, and faucets.  These projects are under $50 and take only a couple of minutes.  If you have a bigger budget then you can bring in an electrician and upgrade your light fixtures.  It is a quick and easy way to make the home look fresh and modern.

A New Steel Door

Curb appeal is everything and your door is the first thing that visitors see.  Doors aren’t that expensive but if you’re selling a new steel door makes potential buyers see your home as a safe place to call home.

Any and all of these renovations will help to boost the value of your home.  Whether you want to sell and get top dollar or just want to make improvements for yourself.



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