Finding the Right Patio Installer

Finding the Right Patio Installer

Every year when spring rolls around you get excited about the warm weather and all the things that you can finally do outside.  Summer is the time for barbecues and family gatherings in the backyard, but all of that requires that you have a good patio.  Installing a new patio or deck is a big project but it is something you and your family will enjoy for years to come. Finding the right patio installer to make your home complete isn’t easy.

A good patio installer can help you select the right design that works with your space.  Here is a look at what goes into installing a new patio.

The project is expensive so you want the right combination of good materials and quality work. Here are some things to look for when selecting a patio installer.

Materials: What materials do they work with?  Do they only build wooden decks or can they work with concrete, interlocking stone, pavers or bricks?  Do they work with the best manufacturers or will you end up doing repairs year after year.

Previous Work:  A good contractor will have a history of previous work, preferably on their website, where you can browse through and select the features that you like.  They will go over with you what is involved in the project and how hardscaping works.

Local Knowledge:  Is your contractor familiar with local building codes and gets all of the permits and such in order.  Are they willing to go over the rules of any homeowner’s associations to make sure your new patio is compliant.  Do they belong to any local associations such as the local Chamber of Commerce or the BBB in your town?

Warranties:  Do they guarantee their work?  Not just the work but the materials as well, always go over what the warranties include and what it will cover if something should go wrong.

Before you start your project there are some other things that you need to keep in mind.

  • Get at least 3 different quotes along with the materials and any extra services such as removing the soil that you may need. The quotes should include the total cost of the project and how they will be working in your yard.
  • Make sure that any contractor you work with has the right licenses and insurance, how long they have been in business and check out their reviews. A good contractor will have no problem putting you in touch with previous clients and showing you their previous work. A good contractor won’t cut corners.

Remember that anybody can design what they want the patio to look like, the skill lies in creating the right foundation, making sure the drainage is right and putting your paving stones down properly.  A professional installer with the right experience can help you select the right colors, what patterns work best and the type of soil they have to work with.  A good patio installer will listen to what you want and the help make your dreams into a reality.

Does your patio need a little extra love? Call, they can help.